Daniella Logo Concept Branding

Website Design UI / UX

" Stop and think of me will you? " Confidence illustration meant to ignites a person will and passion.

" Pearls "

" Tingling Sensations "

" Lonely Hearts Club "

"Passion Pink Collection" Strawberry Flavor Cosmetics

This is a "Lush", packaging for a new line of cosmetics called "Passion", which was inspired by a Japanese called artist: "Yayoi Kusama."

Embracing ourselves equally is the concept.

The poster was illustrated,designed,directed by me.

This is a fictional awareness poster for the brand "Gladd" & "United Nations

Women's Group".

" Don't Peek "

We go through relationships sometimes we're okay and sometimes we're not. This book is about a person slowly healing, a mess in progress progressing through their pain and self-love. This book is a poetry book. With illustrations instead of 

chapter names to get the feeling the character is feeling. 

Amazon link:

" Shy "

Prae Band Logo Conception 

New Rock Heavy Metal Band

Conception, art direction & photography.

FF Explore 3D

Logo Creation, Web Design,

Art / Creative Direction.

A branding identity for a Geological Consultation company called "FF Explore 3D", this concept was supposed to feel like it a welcoming and open minded touch. 

While also showing that the brand can be diverse and professional.

This project was personally directed, designed, illustrated and the

conception was made by me for my client.

Being vibrant does not stop at any age.


"The Letters In Our Stars"

A character design illustrated book about star signs and how they would look like 

in an imaginary world! This book is positive, gender neutral and encourages all 

sorts of fun and love!

" Exotic ex, ex, ex. "

" Winter Breeze, I remember our first snow together... "

" You and I... Unfinished business "

Marc Jacobs "Fictional Line"

"Fleur Collection"

A fiction ad for a fictional Perfume Ad for "Marc Jacobs". The concept behind this is innocence and passion. The flower is meant to show someone's ambition & passion but as well as someone's delicate and vulnerability. 

Two faced, the face one shows outside and the face they do not reveal on the 

inside. The white typography represents the aspect of innocence. 

The colors were chosen to show elegance and luxury to attract consumers and make them wonder about the new line.

" Overwhelmed "

" What Do You Want From Me "

" #metoo "

" The Artist "

Lemon Co

Identiy UI/UX & Branding & Website Design

Creating a branding that associates well with the company "Lemon Co" was the primary goal. Designing a user friendly and minimal website was the objective that I succeeded in creating for my client. The feel was supposed to give you the scent of freshness and different from the other local web agencies in Montreal. Using the trendy one pager type of website, demonstrating the feel & the customer experience that Lemon Co's future clients would get. Which would be friendly, accommodating and professional.

Using leaves that demonstrate plants & nature I wanted to symbolize the name and the brand's identity. The reason why the logo is three leafy / lemon skin feel is because the goal was to achieve a texture that best demonstrates the visual identity of the company, which is freshness and unique originality.

Nightmarish Dream


Bright Moon Dance

The Cracked Joker

Sweet Candy


Fluffy Daydream


Undefined Elegance

Nostalgic Imprint

Lip Stain: Inclusive

Lip Stain: Expressive

Pink Love



Will be shown in an exposition @ Les Grand Ballets Of Montreal 2020

Artsida 10 2020

Dahome Beau

Yeollineun "Opening"

First Love First Breeze


Hey Boy



Distort Falling In Love

Cosmic Soul.

A soul that is loved by themselves, a soul that wants to smile and spread kindness. An eternal happy soul that expresses calamity.

Sparked Fury. An undeniable truth, an inner flame that was resting but wants to shine brightly. 

Some of us had a bumpy ride the last couple of years.

Let us shine 2020!


Tainted Roses


Floating in a serene place full of happy thoughts mixed with anxiety and nightmares, a neutral place.


Temptation and Fear

Mother Nature's Lungs

Using Format